UFO Accompanies President Trump’s Jet in Washington DC

The video shows a UFO nearly slamming into the President Trump’s jet with an incredible speed that confuses even the camera’s focus.

Fox News was fortunate to snap the baffling UFO and demonstrate it to the National TV. It seems like Fox News presented evidence that extraterrestrials have an alleged curiosity and concern in decisions of the recently elected president of the US.

The jet is seen as flying over a white round object at 1:50 in the footage, and then, at 2:55, there is additional dark UFO that dashes fast past the jet and almost strikes it.

However, this wasn’t the first time a UFO was spotted observing President Trump. The last year of 2016 it was reported that a UFO was spotted nearby Trump’s helicopter and on one of his tours as well. It was alleged that extraterrestrial creatures were observing Trump even back then.

Now again, it seems like Trump is escorted by aliens while he lands at the airport.

It was discussed a lot between the alien enthusiasts what will Donald Trump as President do about the alien subject? Will he finally discover the truth to the public or he will stay silent like the rest?

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