UFO Pursuants Excited Over A White Glowing Craft In NASA’s 2011 Expedition Video

UFO hunters have detected an eerie white craft in footage of NASA’s famous shuttle launch in 2011.

People across the world, especially the alien hawkers have developed madness about this discovery, claiming it represents a proof of alien vessel.

The luminous white object can easily be seen in the sky close at hand with the fuel tank of the spacecraft Endeavour after it launched for its finishing expedition in May 2011.

The footage has been explored and re-explored many times since it was officially public for any public eye on NASA’s YouTube channel.

The video was also re-posted to the channel UFO Today, famous for its devotion to UFO phenomena.

The channel’s description described the weird object as the “White Knight Satellite” and alleged that the craft is actually an extraterrestrial vehicle that’s secretly revolving around the Earth.

The object is visible when the fuel tank is discarded from NASA’s Endeavour few minutes after the launch.

Although NASA had an unpromising rather discouraging point of view to this theory, they still confirmed sooner or later we will witness a contact with extraterrestrial.

The co-lead of NASA’s NExSS project at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, Tony Del Genio, said the alien’s revelation might be far away from us only a few decades.

“I think that in 20 years we will have found one candidate that might be it,” he said.

Del Genio admitted that aliens might exist in shapes and places so wild and unusual that it might be essentially unlike the Earth’s.

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