UFO Sightings Have Reached A Record High Number

UFOs are visiting all the time, the new statistics implies and adds the sightings are most common the USA.

The statistic details compiled by the Ph.D. candidate Sam Monfort revealed some unbelievable information: The data they were using was collected from the National UFO Reporting Centre and it implied that in the last few years the number of UFO sightings only got larger. 

The number of UFO sightings has not been any lower since the 1980s, but it reached its record in 2010 with around 45,000 sightings that year.

UFO encounters between 1990 and 2000 fiercely grown by almost 30,000 rendezvous yearly.

Monfort’s report states UFOs sightings increasingly escalated, with 104,947 reported encounters over the past 100 years.

Also, the statistics apply that the country with the most encounters so far is definitely the USA with 300 times greater number of sightings than the other countries around the globe.

Monfort claims that USA’s percentage of UFO sightings can be explained by the high rate of internet searching and their obsession with UFOs.

However, all these encounters do turn around UFOs only, but rather; they include various bizarre lights, beams and flying saucers.

NASA recently suggested there are seven Earth-size planets that could actually be habitable for the aliens, which made the sightings number to increase.

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