UFO Spotted In Los Angeles Raised Fears Planet X Will Strike The Earth

The mysterious lights seen by many people over the sky in Los Angeles spiked fears the object is going to attack the Earth.

The creepy footage emerged fears connected with the malevolent forecasts that a mysterious planet will bring an end of the world.

The video posted on Twitter depicts a luminous white sphere up in the sky.

The heinous predictions that appeared recently about Planet X are ready to strike the Earth only fed the anxiety of people who think the object is the actual planet.

Even though the experts debunked the probability of this occurrence, still, various objects seen in the sky of Los Angeles incited a lot of dilemmas.

One person wrote on Twitter: “We totally just saw UFO over Los Angeles! Crazy crescent wing out of light, sputtered slowly, and then zoomed out of here! That was nuts.”

The previously mentioned planet, also called Planet Nibiru, is said to be 10 times larger than our Earth.

However, the “black prediction” that conspiracy theorists had about this planet didn’t happen.

This sighting that was seen in Los Angeles was certainly not the first something weird happened in the sky of this Californian city.

This summer, a citizen wrote that he saw something that looked like a super-sized moon with colorful rings around it, moving extremely fast.

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