UFO’s Captured In A City In The UK – Experts Claim They Have An Explanation

Constant alien pursuers captured UFO’s floating over a city in the UK. A bizarre footage reveals flashing lights in the night sky of Bristol.

On one side there are people who claim this is an unavoidable proof of alien encroachment, and on the other side, there are experts who claim they have an explanatory theory.

A paranormal investigator said the UFO’s are probably satellites made by humans or Chinese lamps with a task to orbit the Earth.

Video footage of mystical rays taken by locals in Kingswood and Fishponds aroused an opinion among them that we are near to an alien intrusion.

However, experts from the Bristol Society for Paranormal Research Investigation dismissed these assertions.

Their representative, Mark Davey, said he analyzed both of the video footages and admitted they indeed show UFOs but also could have a reasonable interpretation. He listed many circumstances that were considered UFOs, like helium balloons, balloons with led lights, drones, aircraft etc. By a great deal, one of the most generally known cases of UFO confusion are the astronomical satellites, meteors, fireballs, stars, and planets.

 “There are now thousands of reported UFO sightings captured on mobile phone cameras, you only have to search YouTube to find them, but very few that need further investigation once you know what you are looking for,” – he said.

Two of the video clips show different locations in the city but have one thing in common: the weird lights.

The first video depicts three, slow-speed moving lights, and the second one shows a small, white light visible in the dark night sky.

Nonetheless, the lack of quality the videos have makes hard to assert any UFO claims.

“When I try to enlarge the object, it just becomes a ball of light,” said Mark. “It could be a Chinese lantern or maybe a satellite,” he added.

These sightings are not the first case of mysterious lights showing over Bristol and causing conspiracy theories between UFO believers.

In May, appeared a video footage of unknown lights flying over Hanham while in June, something similar was captured in Shortwood.

The sightings even persuaded some conspiracy theorists to consider Bristol as the center of extraterrestrial pursuit.\

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