Did UFOs Crash The Plane Operated By A Pilot Whose Body Was Never Discovered

There were claims UFOs had surrounded a fleet of Phantom jets (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)

After the mysterious crash in 1970, the body remains of the 28 years-old Captain William Schaffner were never discovered.

Nearly 50 years have gone by since the famous American fighter jet collapsed on Britain’s coast and together with it hatched one of the biggest conspiracy theories.

The official explanation stated the event was an unfortunate disaster that cut down the jet operated by Captain William Schaffner.

Nevertheless, there were many reports of eerie sightings in the sky that supplied further mystery and conspiracy the jet XS894 was blown over by UFOs.

The XS894 aircraft was on its last sortie – Foxtrot 94 – when disaster struck (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)

The sightings apparently included transparent circles and weird glitches on the radar, said the Grimsby Telegraph.

Moreover, while the craft was found a few weeks later, the body of the pilot was never discovered but he was any way declared dead.

A Grimsby Evening Telegraph report on the plane crash (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)

According to RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire, during the Cold War, on September 8, 1970, the young pilot departed over Grimsby and headed to the North Sea on the way to Flamborough.

Later, the aircraft discarded into the sea five miles away from Flamborough setting off an air and sea hunt and salvage missions.

On October 7, 1970, the Royal Navy divers found the plane on the seabed; however, their pursuit didn’t bring them the body of the pilot.

The crash has sparked conspiracy theories over the years (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)

Until December 1970, the still deluged plane was brought to the surface, but surprisingly, the cover over the pilot’s compartment was closed and the cabin was empty.

He was still gone and that provoked a lot of questions so as rumors.

In October 1992, the story about the pilot became appealing again and the Grimsby Telegraph issued a few articles by Pat Otter, noting the event as ‘The Riddle of Foxtrot 94’.

Otter believed there was new proof available regarding the pilot’s vanishing and it’s not connected with our world but instead with UFOs.

He indicated anonymous military sources of his, saying they have witnessed UFOs in the area of Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe, Hull, Flamborough and more.

During this period, Captain Schaffner was on Quick Reaction Alert duty and was sent to inspect the weird glitches on the radar.

There were claims UFOs had surrounded a fleet of Phantom jets (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)


One newspaper even noted the pilot made a report about seeing a conoid object and transparent sphere that hovering around his jet and causing failure to his equipment.

Other newspapers claimed that the real reason for the crash was being covered up.

UFO experts, such as Tony Dodd wrote about the event in one of his books, and Bruce Barrymore Halpenny mentioned it in one of his Ghost Stations books.

In July 1994, the Grimsby Telegraph published an article about many reported UFO events that happened in that district around 1970.

The events were said to involve many UFOs spotted in Grimsby, especially over the docks.

There were reports that an unidentified craft had encircled a group of Phantom jets and that a chasing game resulted in the loss of Captain Schaffner.

Newspaper reports about the incident in 1970 (Image: Grimsby Telegraph)

The story became really big and it was covered in a streak of double page spreads in the Hull Daily Mail.

Also, a transcript was released to uncover what was said between the control rooms and the Lightning aircraft piloted by Schaffner.

Other witnesses spoke about their experiences, along with a team at RAF Binbrook who said it was their duty to explore the crash but claimed they were delayed and that several instruments had disappeared.

One of two audio transcriptions taken from that night unveiled that the pilot had described these weird craft.

And just when it seemed the whole story would be a living mystery, something else happened.

In 2002, the pilot’s sons, Mike and Glenn, made an effort to see the official data files.

Finally, when the files were uncovered, they showed that the tragic event had a believable clarification that said the cabin was closed because the hydraulic fluid condenses when it gets cold.

These files, whilst held in the National Archives’ UFO files, appear to show that the event was, in fact, a dreadful accident which took the life of Captain Schaffner.

However, the mystery continues to attract the public’s attention, especially the one of the conspiracy theorists.

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