UFO’s Are Real! – the US Major Donald Keyhoe

In 1956, Major Donald Keyhoe co-founded NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena). The object of NICAP was to put an end to the concealment around the UFO abnormality.

NICAP became the largest, most outstanding research organization in the United States. This statement is justified by the fact that the former CIA director Hillen Koetter and extrusive scientist like James McDonald were in the board of directors.

Major Keyhoe’s desire was to have parliamentary hearings so in 1958 he endeavored to use the committee of Senator John McCiellan to commence with public hearings concerning UFO’s. However, all his effort went down the waters by being stopped from officials in the Air Force with high rankings.

In 1958, Keyhoe was proposed to participate in a live broadcast on CBS – TV. The previously mentioned Air Force officials gave an attempt to maneuver with the minds of the American citizens using this broadcast and saying there is no such thing as UFO phenomena. Anyway, they never made a guess that Keyhoe would use these favorable circumstances to openly speak about UFOs and their certainty. He did his best to stop the public from being manipulated and told them the truth they deserve.

Keyhoe revealed details on the United States military and how they administer reports about UFO witnesses. His idea was to point out that the government is keeping a secret about various sightings and that could be the reason and the root for an interplanetary war.

Major Keyhoe didn’t care about his job while talking openly about everything that was held as a top-notch secret. He lost his job in NICAP in 1969 due to his unbiased speaking.


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