UFO’s Spotted In Newcastle 70 Years After The Roswell Incident

On the 70th jubilee of the Roswell events, questions about possible UFOs and aliens still pose a theory of extraterrestrial existence.

Recently, an incident that happened in Newcastle is considered to give an answer for the mystery that UFO’s are offering to us.

The current year is the 70th anniversary of the Roswell incident, a balloon crash in New Mexico that raised many questions and conspiracy theories over the years.

The video taken in the area of Newcastle shows this place is definitely a typical area for unexplainable events.

Moreover, The North East has its own dossier of files with many reported UFO sightings.

In 1997, a Flight Assistant from the RAF Boulmer said he saw luminous objects floating over the sea. Among these objects, the strangest one was spherical and four to five times bigger than a classic helicopter.

In 2004, a Gateshead deputy took a photo of a vivid object in the night sky.

He said the object was flying from left to right when suddenly the light switched off but the object was still there.

In 2015, Craig Lowther from Tynemouth made footage of a dome-shaped object with fluctuating lights floating over the North East shore.

Not only these ones, but numerous other videos and photos were gathered, including footage from North Shields where three bright lights can be seen forming a triangle on the sky.

There were rumors that NASA has an intention to bring up the truthfulness about extraterrestrial presence to the public.

Nonetheless, NASA science Chief Tomas Zurbuchen said: “Contrary to some reports, there’s no pending announcement from NASA regarding extraterrestrial life.”

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