University of Oxford’s Researchers Described How Aliens Look Like

Science fiction movies have probably always made us imagine the aliens like mysterious, dreadful creatures that look nothing like humans.However, The newest research conducted at the University of Oxford applies that we have much in common with the aliens than we actually thought.

In their report published in the International Journal of Astrology, a group of scientists from the previously mentioned University in the UK suggests the theory of evolution can be used to predict the appearance and the attitude of the aliens.

Researchers assert that the extraterrestrial beings were likely brought into existence using the same process that created humankind, such as natural selection, reports

The means of deriving this work comes from an alternative to a previously conducted research on the same theme, which had its focus on examining living surroundings.

Sam Levin, a representative from the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, talks about these new theoretical prophecies could be adjusted to aliens based on silicon and DNA deficiency.

The entanglement of species on Earth is an outcome of the events known as large transitions.  They happen when a group of distinct organisms derives into higher-level organisms.

In order for these events to develop, extreme conditions are required so as theoretical and empirical data.

The analysis also makes a prognosis about the biological structure of the most complicated extraterrestrials and offers an intriguing outlook of their visual appearance.

Just like humans, he claims, these beings will incorporate “hierarchy of entities that cooperate to produce an alien.”

Listening to Levin’s claims, we can say that every part of an alien’s body structure would have a system to avoid fights and preserve collaboration.

Levin says they can’t surely claim the real visual look of the aliens, whether they have two legs or green eyes. However, he believes the theory of evolution proposes an exclusive instrument for understanding what they could look like.

“By predicting that aliens have undergone a major transition – which is how complexity has arisen in species on earth, we can say that there is a level of predictability to evolution that would cause them to look like us,” he added.

The research asserts there are thousands of other habitable planets in our solar system and we can’t surely claim we are alone in it. However, we are taking the necessary steps to prove it by trying to depict the image of our “neighbors.”

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