Is This Video The Evidence We Need To Prove UFOs Are Real?

The object was recorded with a high-powered telescope at Oman’s astronomical observatory.

A mysterious object that was seen intersecting over the Moon’s surface bolstered the ideas of the UFO experts to think they finally found proof for alien life.

Initially, the footage was published by an Arabic news site which said the event supposedly happened in Oman.

The object was filmed at Oman’s astronomical observatory with the help of a professional telescope.

The exact time of the recording is still unknown for the explorers, but they think the footage is quite recent.

So, what indeed represents this object?

There are rational theories that imply the object could be a meteor or an aircraft.

Tyler from Secure Team 10 claimed if it was a meteor it would be gathering more attention.

He also suggested for us to look at the smoke that looks like it’s coming from an exhaust.

Moreover, Tyler speaks about the way the object moves across the surface of the Moon; it is uncommon for typical planes.

An unprofessional astronomer named Troy Naylor confirmed the object is indeed very weird.

A user called ProtoX posted below the YouTube video: “I hope aliens will come and will save the earth.”


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