Weird Lights In The Sky Spotted In Britain’s UFO Encounter’s Capital

The local man who shoots the video claims the beam of light could be an actual UFO.

This weird footage shoots a baffling light rotating over the Cley Hill near Frome in Corsley Somerset which a famous hotspot for UFO encounters.

According to Somerset Live Reports, this hill, located at the edge of the Longleat Estate in Warminster is a popular place for constant UFO sightings.

The doubtful video maker who took the video from his house in Frome claims he believes it might have been a UFO.

However, he also keeps a rational mind saying it could have been a fancy drone with flame effects.

For over 40 years, this high cliff has been a meeting point for UFO believers who claim to have seen weird lights, flying saucers, and other objects.

A local resident, Nigel Vile, who regularly wanders around the region said that some experts described the town of Warminster as Britain’s UFO capital, based on an encounter that dates back in the 60s known as the “Warminster Thing.”

“Strange noises were heard in the skies above the town, and an equally strange shimmering light was observed in the vicinity,” he said.

It is not just Warminster, but also other towns around Frome have many reports on comparable UFO sightings.

Mr. Vile said that recently, the local news gave a press that talked about the incidents of people who experienced a UFO in the sky.

A slowly shifting luminous beam was seen at Semington and it was buzzed by an aircraft. Next, few witnesses in Trowbridge spotted an object compiled of three rays in a triangle composition going west approaching Warminster.

He added: “As one critic noted, however, considering the proximity of the military training area on Salisbury Plain, was it not more likely that the UFOs people have been seeing during the past 50 years or so are more attributable to military action rather than visits by alien life forms?”

Cley Hill can be seen just off the A36 route and it’s more than 800 feet in height. At its highest point, there are remains of a Bronze Age hill fort that encompasses two round barrows.

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