Weird Moth Look Like It Belongs To Another Planet

The newly unleashed video of a weird moth circulated quickly among the public.

 The frightening look of a moth seen on a footage taken by a man in Indonesia overwhelmed the online public. The video went viral after it was shared more than a hundred thousand times in just a few days.

The entomologists recognized the moth as a so-called Creatonotos gangis, species that are most frequently found in south-east Asia and some areas of Australia. Local farmers also identified the moth as a domestic bug which feeds itself with rice, sorghum, coffee and sweet potato.


The unusual tentacles this moth has are called coremata and are famous for being scent structures used to generate pheromones to attract mates. To be even more entertaining, these coremata will only be evolved if the moth eats plants which can produce highly toxic alkaloids. Apparently, these alkaloids are so toxic they can murder other animals like cows and sheep, but they don’t do any harm to this small moth. Weird, isn’t it?



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