Will Nibiru Destroy Our World? Could NASA Nuke Planet X To Save Earth?

Nibiru destroy

The mythical planet, which is believed to appear in the skies on Saturday, should be cleared out by NASA with a nuclear weapon. That’s how the planet Earth will be saved, claim delirious conspiracy theorists.

The people who believe in this planet, so-called Planet X, allege that we are dealing with an enormous planet that will pass Earth at four million miles away in October, but its gigantic size will induce our poles to swap which will provoke colossal seismic movement due to gravitation.

From a religious aspect, Christian theorists believe the appearance of Nibiru from Saturday, September 23, announces the Rapture before the second arrival of Christ.

NASA has restored the confidence of regular people by saying that Nibiru is extensive, delude online trick, but conspiracy theorists still claim that an enormous evasion is on its way and world leaders are getting ready to hide in bunkers.

Some of the most delusional conspiracy theorists apply that NASA should use nuclear weapons to annihilate Nibiru before it attacks the Planet Earth.

We ask ourselves a very logical question. Even if all of these statements were actually true, can NASA really send a nuclear weapon to destroy Nibiru and prevent the devastation?

We have to clear out that this is only hypothetical thinking b\cause of the fact that NASA already stated that it will do nothing about Nibiru characterizing it as a hoax.

NASA scientist, Dr. David Morrison, claims Nibiru is not real and there are no actual photos or evidence about its existence. He states that there is nothing we should be worried about.

But, even if it was true, NASA still doesn’t have the mandatory technology to deal with this kind of crisis. Right now, NASA is developing a defense programme called NEOWISE, so in the future, it can deal with larger asteroids or as a matter of fact, another villain planet threatening planet Earth. It is not expected to be ready in another 100 years though.

In addition to this, two out of three of NASA’s suggested deflection strategies regarding firing nuclear bombs at an asteroid heading towards Earth or trying to change its way of moving using gravitation of spacecraft, would not succeed, according to experts.

Experts say that striking an enormous asteroid with a nuclear bomb would not only be unsuccessful but it will also blast the asteroid into smaller parts that will hit down the Earth.

Nibiru destroy1


Also, scientists claim that there is no spaceship adequate enough regarding its size to hammer a gigantic asteroid which is headed down to earth.

NASA has been exploring the ways of how to use nuclear bombs to bounce off asteroids and meteors but still hasn’t come up with a definite plan of action.

The scientist from NASA, who runs the “near-Earth” asteroid programme, says that the possibility of something hitting the Earth in the future is rather guaranteed but despite that we shouldn’t become extraordinarily upset about it.

A spokesman from NASA says that NASA has no knowledge of an asteroid or a comet that is currently on its way to destruct the Earth.

Yet, online forums are full of information and debate discussions about the planet so called Nibiru.

Matt Rogers, famous YouTube conspiracy theorist, who rummages the sky for proof of Nibiru, says that world leaders know about Nibiru but have their heads protected and they are not talking about it in order to prevent public panic.

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