Witnesses Stunned By A V-Shaped UFO In Katy, Texas

TV News recently presented a serious UFO case, where the MUFON investigator describes the object emerging from thin air slowly unmasking.

Exposing a UFO is not an easy job: It requires proof, and not only a verbal one but visible too. Without evidence, the news is only labeled as fake and it’s meant to bring money to the ones who lie to the public.

Mutual UFO Network in Houston, reports in its annual summary of UFO sightings, that there are around 80 contemplated encounters on average base. The report does not consider the sightings which were seen but not revealed.

Fletcher Gray, a well-known UFO scientist, as bizarre as it sounds, mentioned several reasons why UFO sightings are not actually sightings that include a UFO. However, he was left stunned by one event.

Over the city of Katy, Texas, tourists have alleged they saw a UFO with orange beams. Gray added the object was flashing as it hovered in the sky.

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