Woman Whose Relatives Were Abducted By Aliens Claims To Have Evidence For Their Agony

Kathleen Marden is the name of the woman who believes her close relatives were abducted by aliens in the 60’s and asks for the public to trust her when she says there is indeed an extraterrestrial presence.

In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were an object of attention when they described they were abducted by aliens who made experiments on them.

Now, the niece of the previously mentioned couple, Kathleen Marden, seeks the truth because she thinks her relatives trustworthy.

Kathleen’s aunt and uncle initially reported they saw a UFO during their drive through Hampshire, USA.

“Barney got out of the car with binoculars and looked, and according to the air force report, they observed a craft that was approximately 100 ft above them,” she said.

During that time, Kathleen was just 13 years old but she’d done a lot of research in the incident’s field and later even wrote even a biography of the Hills family.

Her relatives, together with other witnesses described the UFO as a big, large dinner plate.

Furthermore, Kathleen said that her uncle saw some characters that didn’t look like regular humans, standing behind the UFO’s window, dressed in a shiny outfit.

After this, they saw a red ray of light and Barney ran to his car yelling they need to move away from there fast. Then, they heard a noisy sound and completely lost track of time, waking up nauseous after two hours.

Barney was sure he went to his wife first before they were taken.

The couple rushed away from the incident in their car and ended up 35 miles away with unclear recollections of what happened.

Kathleen said that their car was vibrating and their memory only recalled a roadblock and a fierce orb.

However, she claims they found the strongest evidence of their alien abduction when they got to their home.

Referring to the proof, Betty’s dress was ripped in several places but she didn’t throw it because she wanted to fix it.

When she took it again, she found pink powder in the area she was allegedly touched.

Barney and Betty say they saw a red light and UFO (Image: ITV)

Also, this physical evidence was found by the police on Betty’s dress and on the boot of their car.

The researchers and the investigators who took this case were mentally healthy and they were well-known members of the society.

The skeptics blamed Kathleen of lying and even used offensive words.

Marden, who describes herself as a Ufologist, said that her relatives didn’t want their story to become public at the first place; it was released up by a newspaper reporter as a lack of confidentiality.

However, Kathleen said she’s only keen for people to pay attention to the facts of her relative’s story before judging.

She added: “I only want the truth. And I want to separate fact from fiction because a lot of fiction has been built around what happened to Betty and Barney.”

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