World Leaders Hiding Aliens Feared They Can Provide Us Free Energy

An American doctor claims that alien life is veiled because they have carried such advanced technology to Earth that could destroy the fossil fuel industries.

In Dr. Steven Greer’s opinion, unscrupulous world rulers hide the alien technology which could be used to produce free renewable energy for the whole world.

According to him, the rescuing technology is restrained to favor business tycoons to make money on the oil and fossil foil industries.

Dr. Greer abandoned everything so he can unmask the truth that lies behind alien existence.

Recently, he became a prominent voice in the disclosure movement in the US – a group of conspiracy theorists who claim aliens are here on Earth.

He assumes that the revelation of intelligent aliens comes together with a fascinating technology that could cause big economic problems so that’s why it’s held in secret.

Dr. Greer also believes that some people in the government know about these facts, and some of them don’t, independently from their status in the hierarchy.

 “It doesn’t matter if you’re the CIA director. It only matters if the bureaucracy feels like you are going to go along with the agenda and keeping this secret” – said Greer.

His theory rests on the fact the “alternative energy” generated by aliens could devastate trillions of dollars devoted to oil, gas and other public services.

It is also assumed the world capitalist system would crash if people were able to create cost-free power and electricity.

The conspiracy theory involving free energy focuses on the technology extraterrestrial built, like perpetual motion machines and cold fusion generators.

Moreover, it asserts that the necessary equipment indeed exists, but anyone who tried to develop it or use it was muted.

A representative from The Orion Project, Gary Vesperman said: “Many such new energy technologies, particularly those using this kind of knowledge of advanced electromagnetic principles, are considered ‘dual use’ technologies that are among the 4,000 un-numbered patent applications confiscated in a vault at the US Patent and Trademark Office because of their military potential and the need to keep that knowledge from America’s enemies.”

On the other hand, Dr. Greer says he intends to open the Star LLC New Energy Research Lab if he succeeds in collecting around $6 million. However, since 2014, he only managed to accumulate around $241,000.

On his website, he states that in contemplation to research, evolve and bring a useful working zero point energy system, they need a good facility with professional staff.

“The laboratory cannot be opened until the full amount has been raised” – added Dr. Greer.

Every conspiracy theory has its skepticism.

Steven Novella believes he has disproved the whole theory using one logical explanation on his blog.

He wrote that if free energy were real, there would be someone who’ll make it happen.

Furthermore, he says that if a company could create a free-energy machine, it would, because it will make it the richest company on the Earth.

Also, free energy would make everyone’s life better, no matter the rank or the position a person has in their life, claims Novella.

 “Free energy proponents, apparently, would rather believe the world is run by megalomaniacs who are simultaneously brilliant (in executing their conspiracy) and idiotic (in wanting to execute their conspiracy) rather than entertain the possibility that they have the science wrong” – he added.

Dr. Greer makes the startling claims in a new documentary he unleashed called Unacknowledged.


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  1. “Thanks a lot for the article post.Thanks Again. Will read on…”

  2. Billet Magara | January 23, 2018 at 10:33 | Reply

    Dr Greer is correct in his assertions. Steven Novela is way off the mark. Dr Greer is a meticulous and profound researcher and writer and he is not given to conjecture or emotive conclusions. I have read a number of his books and had the pleasure of interviewing him on one of my numerous television programs on ZTV in Zimbabwe in the late Nineties. I recommend to Steven Novella a video documentary entitled “THRIVE”. He could also watch the movie “Chain Reaction”. Some people quickly dismiss “movies” as works of fiction, forgetting that some of the good ones are the result of extensive research, resulting in a movie that has hidden messages for those that are discerning. Free energy EXISTS. Free energy machines have been made and confiscated by big brother institutions since the time of Nicola Tesla. A Zimbabwean inventor has gone one up and created a generator that uses only radio waves and makes electricity of voltages that defy physics, sense and logic. He has also modified cars to drive on radio waves and helicopters to use any one of the fossil fuels available interchangeably. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe and Africa, Maxwell Chikumbutso the inventor, was taken in by the US Government and is only carrying out his experiments (implementations really) under their supervision in California. The last I heard from him, the hosts were ecstatic that he had successfully modified the notorious drones to fly on free energy ! But is it a coincidence that the majority of those who have experimented in free energy have ended up in mysterious “accidents” and deaths? The numbers are rising while the docile world is watching and dismissing these incidents as “isolated coincidences.” This explains the depth to which the human minds have been programmed to explain the inexplicable by cursory dismissal. The biggest threat to free energy scientists remains that of fossil fuel corporations who stand to lose everything. I have encouraged Maxwell to stop getting dined and hosted by oil sheikhs and barons as an “honour” for his works! These may end in a fatal “accident”. The pretentiousness of showing concern for the rise in CO2 and the resultant overheating of the atmosphere and destruction of the Ozone, while furiously extracting fossil fuels that emit tonnes of tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphorous fumes into the air and on the oceans, reflects the overbearing power with which the corporations hold human populations by the stranglehold. Dr Greer needs a team of steel-chewing, aggressive marketers and resource mobilizers to achieve his goal. Single handed effort will not only expose him but will endanger his life.

  3. Billet Magara | January 23, 2018 at 10:35 | Reply

    Errata: ‘Steven Nvella”, with sincere apologies for the misspell

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